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Spin Corporation

スピン 株式会社


From the representative to everyone





 S B A R A C 代表
 スピン 株式会社 代表
 佐久間 優

Former job DYMCO Inc. has been fascinated by steel belts, and 34 years have passed.

 This was all in all thanks to the cooperation and guidance of many people so far, and the environment for this technological development was in place.   

We have accumulated a great deal of information and technology, supported by customers who use steel belts, but as we feel more and more demand for them, we will develop even more when we retire from our retirement age It was realized that the role that steel belts can play in the development of many people and industries, and that this material greatly plays an important role, and for the further development of steel belts, the personal connections that have been cultivated so far We will make full use of various industry information, accumulated technical knowledge and experience, etc. to the potentially widespread demand for steel belts, and we will do our best to promote steel belts as long as physical strength and power continue .

 By doing so, I hope that it will be a contribution to the many people who have been indebted to the past and a contribution to the support of the former job DYMCO.

 S B A R A C    Representative
 Spin Co., Ltd.  President 
 Masaru Sakuma